Loblolly Boogie

loblolly boogie cover
I’m incredibly psyched to announce the release date of a a project that has been in the works for a year now.

In late 2017, I did a fun shoot w/ the full band version of Jphono1. A month or so later, John Harrison (the mastermind behind all things Jphono) approached me about working together on a new project.

He mentioned that he’d been working on songs for a solo album w/ a psych-folk feel, and that the album would be called “Loblolly Boogie”… named for the hypnotically calming dance these tall trees seems to do as they gently sway in a breeze. John explained that throughout his life, from the backyard of his childhood home to his current house, these trees were always present & often served as an inspiration for his creative mind.

His vision was to include a photo book w/ images of these majestic pines to accompany the album, and so he asked if I’d be interested in the project. The only guideline was that the images needed to be tied in w/ loblolly pines somehow, but I was given complete freedom to determine exactly what that meant & how the images were created. At that time, the music had not been recorded, so I wouldn’t have that to use as a reference point in terms of mood, style, etc. other than knowing the general musical direction John mentioned for the album.

So over the next ten months or so, I amassed a collection of images in varying styles, seasons, locations, etc. The project presented me with both an interesting challenge & a ton of flexibility. It also gave me an appreciation of these trees that I never would’ve had otherwise, and served as a reminded to myself to be observant/present in every moment… and to get out of the office & into the world more often.

Once John was finished recording & shared the music w/ me, I was kinda floored by how perfectly his songs captured the exact mood/feeling I had a number of times while closely witnessing these trees over the past year. I was equally blown away by just how well the images accompanied the music. Despite working on our respective parts of this project for about a year w/ essentially no collaboration throughout the process, I find a great deal of symmetry in the end result. Major props to John for having the vision to see that from the start, and for asking me to be a part of this with him.

Can’t wait for you all to hear/see the end result!

Out Friday, June 14 via PotLuck Foundation