Hello & welcome to the blog!

My overall goal with this is simply to share some info/tips/thoughts/advice/etc. based off my own experiences & provide content which I hope may be beneficial in some way to other photographers of all types.

While I’ll always keep the door open for the possibility of heading down a different path than the one I envision at the time or writing this, I would imagine most of the content here will center around ideas, process, etc. and far less on  super technical lessons or gear reviews. There are already literally thousands upon thousands of other blogs/sites & Youtube videos out there which are full of valuable information to that effect.

On top of that, I’m a huge proponent of education from action. So I will always encourage someone to use every resource available to them to study up & be prepared, but ultimately feel like the absolute best learning tool is going to be to just pick up the camera & shoot… a lot.

I think it’s also incredibly important to remember that the consensus isn’t always what’s right for every individual or situation, nor does it often generate the most interesting results. In my opinion, sometimes… actually MOST of the time… the best art is made by going completely against the standard & embracing the unexpected. This isn’t an approach or thought that I see mentioned or especially celebrated too ofter in other blogs, and I’d like to change that here.

Unless you are given strict guidelines for a project, I don’t really believe in there being a right or wrong way to create. There are just other ways, Whatever way works for you & gives you a result you are personally happy with will always be the right way as far as I am concerned.

So I hope that others will keep that in mind with any discussions, comments, etc. Critiquing is necessary & one of the most helpful tools in creative growth. However, it should be done in a respectful manner that allows someone to focus on information they can use to grow, and not just a barrage of negativity because you personally did not connect with their work. I strongly encourage others to engage in discussions, but please help me by keeping it a positive place where we are lifting each other to be better photographers & better human beings.