Photo Restoration Services Now Available

In addition to photography & design services, I am pleased to announce that I am also now available for photo restoration projects.

Whether it’s a timeworn portrait of a loved one that’s been damaged due to improper storage, or a wedding photo which has faded considerably after years of exposure to bright sunlight, or a torn snapshot that captured a monumental moment in your life, your beloved photos from days past are irreplaceable treasures which deserve to be preserved.

My digital restoration services provide the treatment needed to keep these memories from being lost forever, while giving full respect to the integrity of the original image.

Some of the restoration services I provide include:

  • Repairing creases & tears
  • Colorizing black & white photographs
  • Enhancing color and contrast in faded photographs
  • Sharpening of detail in eyes to help portraits stand out
  • Removing unwanted blemishes, spots, marks, and other objects
  • Repairing & creating backgrounds

Here is an example of a photo which had been stored improperly for decades, leading to a number of severe creases, cracks, and spots of heavy fading.

Below is the fully restored photo, with the creases, cracks, and spotting repaired. Additionally, l performed enhancements for the eyes which brought out missing detail, increased overall sharpness & contrast, and added tasteful colorization to this image.


From small fixes to severely damaged photos, digital restoration provides a way to persevere your precious memories. So if you’re in need of restoration services, please don’t hesitate to get it touch.

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